blipper applies

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blipper applies

Post  blipper on Thu May 02, 2013 6:33 pm

- In-Game Name :blipper

- Classes and LVL :r/s/p ,77/77/57

- Unbuffed HP :101k

- Unbuffed Pdef (For Tank or Healer) :

- Unbuffed Patt or Matt (for DPS) :102k

- Heal output :

- Raid Experience :some

- Previous Guilds, why did you leave:

- Why do you want to join Bohemia ? :motherguild

- What time do you usually play ? :kind of always

- Nationality ? :sweden

- Do you have Teamspeak 3 ? :yes

- Buy diamonds once in a while ? :yes

- Endgame minded or just running anything just for fun ? :ofc

- Agree or not agree ? with farm gear/mods for guildies even for those who are not in raid or even not online on the moment of the raid before selling out guild ? :aggre

- How to contact you on Facebook ?

- Something special you expect to find in Bohemia ? :

- What kind of rule should Bohemia have in guild to be a nice community for everyone ? ( at least 1 idea plz , does not mean it will be there , still officers decide , but ofc every idea will get disscussed under the officers ) :respect


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