Kaskelottval application!

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Kaskelottval application!

Post  kaskelottval on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:48 am

- In-Game Name : Kaskelottval

- Classes and LVL : Warrior: 77/ Rogue: 75/ Knight: 70

- Unbuffed HP : 84k

- Unbuffed Pdef (For Tank or Healer) :

- Unbuffed Patt or Matt (for DPS) : 98k

- Heal output : Pots!

- Raid Experience : Everything up to kbn hm 1-5 (killed) 6th some tries. And Bedim 1-3 easy, 1-2 hard.

- Previous Guilds, why did you leave: Syndicate, left because it seems to be dead for real and it isn't the same Syndicate it used to be.

- Why do you want to join Bohemia ? : Alot of my old guildmates are in there wich I had a great time with.

- What time do you usually play ? : I have a part time job where I work shifts. So I don't know when I will work since they call me when they need ppl. But sometimes I can work 5-6 days in row with diffrent times. And sometimes I can be free from work for 5 days. But about the same as it used to be in Syndi.

- Nationality ? : Swedish

- Do you have Teamspeak 3 ? : Yes

- Buy diamonds once in a while ? : Yes

- Endgame minded or just running anything just for fun ? : Endgame minded

- Agree or not agree ? with farm gear/mods for guildies even for those who are not in raid or even not online on the moment of the raid before selling out guild ? : Guild > pt sell nuff said.

- How to contact you on Facebook ? : Write me a normal msg.

- Something special you expect to find in Bohemia ? : A fun time with good players that can challange the endgame content.

- What kind of rule should Bohemia have in guild to be a nice community for everyone ? ( at least 1 idea plz , does not mean it will be there , still officers decide , but ofc every idea will get disscussed under the officers ) : "
Every member has 1 need and 1 greed per run. If one is used, you might get replaced by ppl on rotation list. Member means guild member with member rank (also raidleader or officer)" What if we do rerun does it count as a new run and that person can use greed again? In that case it need a change Smile
A rule should be that when you have gotten an invite you have 10 or 15 minutes to get to the instance or you will be replaced. If there isn't a replace ment you have to wait for rr. If you crash/dc it's okay if you don't make it in time.

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