Sylardir invitation card

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Sylardir invitation card

Post  Sylardir on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:48 am

- In-Game Name : Sylardir

- Classes and LVL : Mage(55)/Priest(50)/Knight(30)

- Unbuffed HP : 8.2k

- Unbuffed Patt or Matt (for DPS) : 1.3k

- Heal output :

- Raid Experience : low, i only completing quest

- Previous Guilds, why did you leave: Bohemia, kick for inactivity becouse i had crashed notebook, now i have new notebook

- Why do you want to join Bohemia ? : for me bet guild

- What time do you usually play ? : about 5 hrs

- Nationality ? : Slovakia

- Do you have Teamspeak 3 ? : yes

- Buy diamonds once in a while ? : Not yet, but I wonder about that.

- Endgame minded or just running anything just for fun ? : playing for endgame

- Agree or not agree ? with farm gear/mods for guildies even for those who are not in raid or even not online on the moment of the raid before selling out guild ? : yes, for progess guild member

- How to contact you on Facebook ? : Milan Ondrka, avatar crazy frog

- Something special you expect to find in Bohemia ? : Cool game.

- What kind of rule should Bohemia have in guild to be a nice community for everyone ? ( at least 1 idea plz , does not mean it will be there , still officers decide , but ofc every idea will get disscussed under the officers ) : Create guild videos

My out-game skill: programing web site HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery


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Post  Goldfire on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:54 am

heya thnx for apply , but i gonna be honest straight away , we ( officers ) will discuss your apply , but i think your stats are way to low , we are endgame content based guild , so lvl77 is a must also gear , i mean 85k hp and 85k matt are just normal for us , so i guess you need to pimp yourself "a bit" and apply again after that

but for now have fun in game and cya around afro

greetz Goldfire

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