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General rankings



3.Members (in progress)




2.2 Rank credentials

Prospects: not full members – meant to become members. This is our social rank! We will support these future members. We should try to teach them basic tactics, teach them which items to use and how to mod. If u have gear to sell, you always should think about to sell gear and mods or items first to our prospects. If prospects cant afford to buy it and we cant find an agreement, we can ofc sell outside guild. People feel free to support – its no must- but supports our future.

Probationaries: This rank is for prooving skills and progress. Not members yet but close to get membership. Probationary is a transition rank to full member. The periode of time is different. Officers will decide if time is right to change the ranking. If officers are not satisfied with progress, activity, attitude, gameplay,... they can decide to keep player in guild as prospect or decide to not keeping probationary in guild. Also its officers choice to give members (in special situations for example longer break) the probationary rank to proof again their qualitys.

Members (in progress): check members – just includes, that those members still need to gear up more or faster. Bohemia will specially focus to make progress-members completely usefull for raids. So everyone should have an eye on to support those members, how u can choose yourself.

Members: This is our normal rank. People made it to be full part of Bohemia. They have rights to vote and take part on guild. They have entrance to facebook pty, hompage, in game channels. Members are guild-base. Officers and Raidleaders are voted by members so member can lead the guild in that way.

Raidleader: Forming parties and raids. The get elected by officers and lead the party. They are responsable for setup and decisions during the raid. Also if officers are in pty – raidleaders lead the way. Follow their rules and adjustments. They are the key to succes. Just experienced players can get raidleaders. Raidleaders can register for SW. Raidleaders will have a big influence on officers opinions, as they proofed to have alot experience and ideas.

Officers: voted by members, but also members. Officers have the leadership over guild. They give direction and make rules. They are responsable for all administration and giving ranks. All guild decisions will be done by officers. Officers will have ears for member wishes, but they decide by their own. An officer works as guild members representive, but has to take care to form the community. Officer ranks are limited. Members have to follow decisons officers made, to keep structure.

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