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Post  Xeervor on Wed May 02, 2012 6:09 pm

3.1Loot rules

Every member has 1 need and 1 greed per run. If one is used, you might get replaced by ppl on rotation list. Member means guild member with member rank (also raidleader or officer)

need for items, you want to use

greed for mods or setskill u need

so its made sure, that item is valued higher than mods.

This is basic loot rule for progress runs and high lvl farm runs.

For lower instances, the raid leader will decide about special rules.

If you are not rolling for mainclass, you have to announce it before raid and raidleader will decide about it.

3.2Loot ranking

an overview about loot ranking: priority (highest in list has highest priority)

full member mainclass in raid

full member mainclass not in raid (pls take care about members in progress)

------when all members got gear------

probationaries in raid

probationaries not in raid

-------when all have --------

full members 2nd or 3rd class if really useful, pls decide wisely if u really need it, gold is nice too^^ and also helps progress too.

-------when this is cleared--------

raid makes decision if item gets sold or given away to prospects or sold cheap to prospects - depending on item and gold situation of members

the raidleader decides if item worth to be sold as party sell. If it gets sold by party sell, the raid leader makes screenshot of ppl in raid, to share the amount to equal parts. Normally raidleader will sell the item or agrees with another trusted person who sells it for raid.

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